Sustainable development


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A very important part of Delta Holding's corporate social responsibility programs are projects aimed at protetcting the environment. Some of them are pioneer endeavors and were put in practice before corresponding environmental laws and regulations were passed.

In the following peirod, Delta Holding will campaign to raise awareness and knowlege about the importance of energy efficiency.
Within Delta Holding, operates a non-profit organization Delta Pak - provider of packaging waste management.

Ecological Pig Farm
At the pig farm Napredak in Stara Pazova an All In - All Out management system has been implemented in order to maintain a high level of sanitary control. This means that a group of animals will enter and leave a specific phase of production at the same time, which significantly simplifies managing the farm.
In line with EU standards, the animals can move around freely, climate conditions are controlled and maintained at the level which allows optimal results in production. The technology applied satisfies high ecological standards, primarily in waste water treatment. Manure from the farm is further processed and used as fertilizer, so there is practically no waste water left. This, in turn, prevents pollution of local water systems, in line with national and EU regulations.
The Napredak farm also has a facility for exploiting biomass, remnants of livestock production, in energy purposes. Although this system of producing energy is based on burning biomass, it has been confirmed that the amount of CO2 emitted is smaller than the amount absorbed by plants in their vegetation periods.
All waste products that come out of meat processing in the meet industry YUHOR (bones, internal organs, skin...) and fresh blood are collected and transported to a livestock rendering plant.
Waste waters, the so called liquid waste, are directed through a pipeline into a tank where it is biologically processed before being let out into the sewerage system.
Production of Flour without Adverse Environmental Effects
Flour and pasta producer Danubius has purchased the most sophisticated wheat processing mill in the region. The mill produced by Swiss company Buhler guarantees a high level of sanitary protection during wheat processing, enables flour sterilization, elimination of impurities (energy consumption is decreased twice) and most importantly, it does not pollute the environment.
Saving Measures
A drop by drop watering system has been installed on over 100 hectares of apple orchards at the Celarevo farmstead, part of Delta Agrar. A software system accurately monitors the requirements of a plant for water, in line with its development phase and climatic conditions, allowing for a rational water consumption.
Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Delta Automoto has promoted the environmentally friendly Honda Civic Hybrid in the Serbian market. All the marketing campaigns for this car model convey the message that protection of the environment should be given a lot more attention.
Delivery trucks with environmentally acceptable engines do 200 delivery rounds per day, or 180,000 kilometers, which is 75 percent of the total distance for daily deliveries. This data shows the extent to which these interventions will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
In collaboration with stakeholders in the supply chain management of packaging waste Delta Pak working on improving the packaging waste management system in Delta Holding and in Serbia in general. Carrying out activities of collecting, sorting and storage of packaging waste Delta Pak enhances the living space.