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Endowment Building

Endowment Building

Continuing the tradition of constructing endowment buildings in Serbia, Delta Holding has built the first endowment building in Serbia in 70 years, the Sun Centre for Accommodation and Day Care of Children and Youth with Disabilities. Delta Company handed this functional and modern centre to the City for further use.

The Sun Centre, 2,500 m2 in area, is located in the Belgrade settlement of Bežanijska Kosa, 4a Ismeta Mujezinovića Street. The construction of the centre began in September 2011 and the value of the investment is EUR 2,300,000.

The centre has two levels and is adapted to all forms of disability. It can accommodate 70 to 80 users.


Delta Foundation signed the Agreement about the construction of the second Delta Holding endowment in the Town Hall of Kragujevac. Its partners in this project were the Town of Kragujevac and Para Olympic Academy “Junior“.

The initiative for building the Centre which is of great importance to persons with disabilities came from the many decades of cooperation between Para Olympic Club “Junior“ and Company Delta Holding.

In the special ceremony Delta Foundation presented the key to “Iskra” Centre for sports and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities to the City of Kragujevac, in June 2016.

This place for recreation, education, socializing and sports activities of persons with disabilities has the area of 660 m² and it offers high-quality services in the space adapted to all forms of disabilities. Apart from 4 apartment units and rehabilitation part, the Sports Centre also has a gym and a multifunctional hall for education, seminars and meetings. A running track, an orientation field for optically-challenged persons and a bowling alley In the yard complete the offer of this unique Sports Centre.

The facility has been built with the aim of providing the best possible rehabilitation conditions to persons with disabilities and becoming the regional Para Olympic centre.



Delta Foundation has presented the City of Belgrade a sculpture “From There over Here” which will decorate the pedestrian passageway from Kalemegdan to the Sava Pier. This gift is the third endowment of Delta Holding.

The representatives of the City of Belgrade, Delta Holding and Delta Foundation, as well as Mrđan Bajić , a one of the authors of this work of art, were present at the handover ceremony. 

Sculpture “From There over Here” consists of two parts. The upper part is the work of Richard Deacon; it was made of stainless steel and transported from England. The other cast aluminum part was made by Mrđan Bajić in Serbia. Both parts weigh about 5 tons and are almost 7 meters high. 

“As far as I know, this is the largest private capital donation ever made in the field of visual art. I am glad if this is opening a path for other projects and other authors. After a long period of time this is also the first work in the field of contemporary visual art which has got full visibility in this city”, said Mrđan Bajić, one of the authors of the sculpture.