Sustainable development

Delta Foundation, social responsibility

Delta Foundation, social responsibility

Since its establishment, Delta Holding has initiated and implemented numerous donor and humanitarian activities with the desire to help and provide support in various areas of social life, which are divided into four categories: culture and education, humanitarian and social needs, health and community development through special projects.

In order to integrate these activities, Delta Holding established the Delta Foundation clearly systematised the programme and methodology of work in this field.

Delta Foundation History

Since its establishment Delta Holding has initiated and implemented a number of donor and humanitarian actions with the aim to help and support the development of the community in which it operates. A great number of activities were implemented in the field of culture, education, health, social welfare and environmental protection.

Delta Humanitarian Fund started to work as a part of Delta Holding Company on 5th November 2007 with an aim to integrate the Company's needs with the needs of society and through its own power, more efficient and thorough contribute to the development and improvement of the whole society.

In December 2011 the Company established Serbian Business Foundation in order to give more contributions to the society by investing additional funds in the field of education.

Since July 2013 the projects started at the Serbian Business Foundation will be realized within the Delta Foundation. In this way, the activities of both Foundations are merged into one Foundation.

Delta Foundation Mision

The mission of Delta Foundation is satisfying of lasting social, educational, cultural and health needs of our community.

Primary goal of the Delta Foundation is creating of the endowment projects, which will leave lasting and good mark in the community and thereby set an example in the business world.