Training in modern fruit growing and plant protection

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15. january 2019.

Experts from Delta Agrar held a lecture to the locals of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova about how modern strawberry growing is organized and how to protect quince from the disease. During the morning they also had a demonstration of pruning exercise. These educations are part of the "Naše selo" project launched by Delta Holding, for modernizing production and raising the quality of life in two villages near Zaječar.

The lecture was held in the hall of the local community in Mala Jasikova, which has just been renovated by the Delta Foundation and in cooperation with the Square Affair Keramika Kanjiža brand, who has donated ceramic tiles.

The goal of the "Naše selo " project is to modernize agricultural production in Dubočane and Mala Jasikova and to improve social and cultural life in these villages. This will show that life in Serbian villages can lead to the level of villages in developed European countries.

Agricultural producers from these two villages, fifty of them who applied for participation in the program, visited the Delta Agrar propreties in Čelarevo and Stara Pazova in December in order to get acquainted with the advanced fruit production and breeding of dairy cows. At the end of December, Community Union held a lecture about how can producers from this area unite and what benefits they will have in this kind of oranization.

Before New Year's Eve, Delta Foundation organized, for the first time in these villages, a theater performance for children, and presents were given to the little ones, which were prepared by the employees of Delta Holding companies.

The next step is the creation of individual business plans for each household included in the project, which is a main condition for future changes in the way of work and agricultural production in this part of Serbia.

Erste Bank is also participating in this project, and the local government of the city of Zajecar gives its full support.