The beggining of the second stage of "Our village" project

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The beggining of the second stage of "Our village" project

17. april 2019.


By awarding more than 40 locals with the certificate of completion of training, we have marked the end of the first stage and the beginning of the second stage of the project „Our Village“, realized by Delta Holding and its partners in the villages of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova near Zaječar.

As knowledge is the key to modern agriculture, the focus of the first stage of the project was on the education in modern livestock farming and fruit growing, ways to finance agricultural production, associate and compete for domestic and international funds. We have organized visits to Delta Agrar properties, whereas 33 lectures were held in the villages.

In the second stage of the project, which begins today, we are going to realize the abovementioned modernization. In this stage, we aim to increase production by protecting orchards from pest and plant diseases, change animal feed, upgrade facilities for dairy cattle and implement many other activities which will help the village production modernize and become more profitable.

In the third stage of the project, which will be implemented subsequently, Delta Foundation and project partners will work on the improvement of social life through school renovation and organization of cultural events.

The project „Our Village“ was initiated with the utmost support of local authorities led by Boško Ničić, the mayor of Zaječar. Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Telekom Serbia and Square Affair Keramika Kanjiža Company have also become partners in this project, which remains open to other companies and institutions that may perceive it as the right way to survival and development of the Serbian village.