The Company published 12th Report on sustainable business

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The Company published 12th Report on sustainable business

02. august 2021.

Delta Holding pays special attention to sustainable business, and since 2008 the Company publishes annual CSR reports, describing activities that improve all aspects of sustainability important for community development, but also for the Company's business.

The twelfth Report on sustainable business practices of Delta Holding specifies the activities which improved all aspects of sustainability that are important for the operation of the Company and development of community, in reference to the year of 2020. The Report presents strategic plans that contribute to further expansion of the Company and realization of the goals of Sustainable Development defined by UN 2030 Agenda.

This is also the tenth report made in accordance with the internationally recognized methodology of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which ensures transparency, measurability and comparability of published data.

The report on sustainable business of the company is available in pdf format on the following link:, as well as on the website: