Students attending practical trainings in Delta

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Students attending practical trainings in Delta

18. april 2019.

Educational program Compass began with introductory lecture at Delta Holding`s premises.
The program was created in cooperation with Delta and student oranizations from the University of Belgrade.
The fifty students of the third and fourth year of the faculty had the opportunity to learn from Delta`s experts through interactive lectures and workshops.

During the introductory lecture, Monika Pejcic, HR director and Andrej Sovrovic, director of Delta Agrar`s stock exchange operations addressed to students. They shared their experience and career path in the company, from the participants of the ``Young Leaders`` program to the director`s positions. The students had the opportunity to get to know each other through workshops and show their creativity.

``I am very happy to be among the 50 students participating in the Compass program. The introductory lecture was excellent as well as the organizers who welcomed us. I can say that this program is a great experience. Also, I would like to be part of the same team in the future,`` commented Milica Savic, one of the participants.

In the next six months, students will participate in lectures such as negotiation skills, team work, communication and social networks, employee motivation, leadership, etc. They will work on the project and case studies in the company`s field of business.

They will have a chance to spend time with the president of the company, ask questions and learn about entrepreneurship and business.

Also, students will visit the Danubius factory, which exists more than a century, and is the market leader and Fun&Fit company, which is specific because it is lead by very young people, most of them from the ``Young Leaders`` program. They will also visit the largest orchard in this part of Europe, in Celarevo, where Delta Agrar breeds special varieties of apples for which production a license is required.

The purpose of the program is to give students the opportunity to enter the business world during their studies and see how one of the most successful companies in Serbia looks like in reality.