Shopping mall Delta Planet opened in Niš

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Shopping mall Delta Planet opened in Niš

22. april 2021.

Shopping mall Delta Planet in Niš ceremonially opened its doors to the visitors today. 

The first Delta Planet shopping mall in Serbia extends for 40.000 square meters, has two floors and 850 parking spots for visitors and was built in only 14 months. Visitors will have shops of leading fashion brands, many restaurants and cafés, bookshops, home décor shops and a special attraction in the form of the most modern cinema with 5 auditoriums at their disposal.

“We are opening a shopping mall which has regional significance for both citizens and the economy of Niš and its surrounding. The capacity of Delta Planet is such that it will attract guests from both south and east of Serbia, and from the bordering Bulgaria, too. By opening 1.100 work places, it is one of Delta’s projects which influences the wider society and has a positive effect on the development and appearance of cities we operate in”, said Angelina Nekić, Managing director of Delta Real Estate Group.