At the new address

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At the new address

01. july 2021.


On July 1, Delta House became the new business headquarters of Delta Holding member companies.

Delta Holding, Delta Real Estate, Delta Foundation, Delta Agrar, Delta DMD, Delta Pak, Yuhor and Ananas are once again under the same roof, while other member companies have retained their previous addresses.

Delta House was designed by renowned architect Ami Moore, and the construction of 23,000 m2, which is the total building surface, was completed in 16 months.

The new office building will have a gold LEED certificate, which means that during construction, recycled materials were used to the greatest extent, as well as the environmentally friendly materials. There is also a solar power plant within the building, so part of the electricity is obtained from solar energy. The technical water used in the building comes from tanks that collect rainwater.

The area around the building is adorned with as much as 1000m2 of green space, and all plant species that are in the building are indigenous, which means that they require less water.

White membrane on the roof prevents the effect of heating and the greenhouse.

The value of the investment is 40 million euros.