Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

Governance of Delta Holding is based on the implementation of knowledge and experience of the world’s leading companies and continual adjustment to market conditions in Serbia and the region.

The operation of the Company is characterized by prompt decision making, efficient implementation of decisions, and precise measuring of business results. The accent is on the introduction and implementation of the latest technology and know-how in all areas of Company’s operation.

The Executive Board governs Delta Holding operations. Executive Board consists of companies’ vice presidents and CEOs of Delta Holding member groups.

The Managing Board oversees operation of the company, approves strategic plans and focuses on the strategy of corporate social responsibility and youth employment.

The Board of Directors is composed of experts – managers in charge of different business units and Delta Holding’s expert services.

Business plans are created at strategy councils. Business results and plans for the following year are analysed by the grand Annual Council of Delta Holding.

Delta regularly publishes annual Report on Sustainable Development, which is drawn up in accordance with GRI methodology and audited by leading audit institutions.