Delta Foundation

Delta Foundation

Since its founding, Delta Holding has launched numerous donation and humanitarian campaigns with the aim of helping and supporting the development of the community in which it operates. Programs and projects have been implemented in various areas, such as culture, education, healthcare, social welfare, and environmental protection.

History of Delta Foundation

In November 2007, Delta Humanitarian Fund began operating as part of Delta Holding with the goal of uniting the needs of the company with the needs of society and contributing as effectively and thoroughly as possible to the development and improvement of society as a whole.

In December 2011, the company established the Serbian Business Foundation with the intention of increasing its contribution to society by investing additional funds in the field of education.

Since July 2013, the projects initiated by the Serbian Business Foundation have continued to be implemented under Delta Foundation. In this way, the activities of both foundations were merged into one.

Mission of Delta Foundation

The mission of Delta Foundation is to meet the long-term social, educational, cultural, and healthcare needs of the community.


As the first corporate foundation in Serbia, Delta Foundation was established with the aim of reviving the tradition of endowment in Serbia. To date, it has donated three endowments to society:

  • "Sunce" Daycare Center for Young People with Disabilities,
  • "Iskra" Sports and Recreation Center for Persons with Disabilities, and
  • Artwork, the sculpture "From There to Here," which adorns the Belgrade Passage connecting      Kalemegdan and Savski Kej.

In addition to endowment, the objectives of Delta Foundation include:

  • implementing development projects to aid the community,
  • supporting vulnerable groups of people,
  • strengthening social entrepreneurship,
  • supporting education and culture, and
  • assisting the community during emergencies caused by natural disasters and other calamities.

Our Village

In 2018, Delta Holding launched the "Our Village" project to provide a concrete example of how Serbian villages can be modernized and encourage their residents to remain on their properties. The project's first cycle focused on the the villages of Dubočane and Mala Jasikova in the Zaječar area, where outstanding results were achieved, leading to a decision to expand the initiative. In March 2022, Bačko Novo Selo, in the municipality of Bač, was added to the "Our Village" project.


Since its founding in 2007 until the end of 2021, Delta Foundation has implemented 3,990 humanitarian campaigns, invested 39.1 million EUR in the community, and provided assistance to 757,324 residents of Serbia.