Delta Distribution

  • DMD DELTADonja Gorica bb
    81110 Podgorica
    Tel: +382 (20) 89 13 93
    Tel: +382 (20) 89 13 94
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  • DTSDelta Transportni Sistem
    Žorža Klemansoa 41
    11000 Beograd
    Tel :+381 (0)11 331 43 88
    Fax: +381 (0)11 207 01 19
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  • DELTA MOTORSRadnička 8
    11000 Beograd
    Tel: +381 (0)11 353 99 00
    Tel: +381 (0)11 353 99 01
    Fax: +381 (0)11 353 99 04
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  • DELTA USED CARSOmladinskih brigada 33a
    11030 Beograd
    Tel: +381 (0)11 2010 960
    Tel: +381 (0)62 294 864
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  • EXCEPTIONVladimira Popovića 8a
    11000 Belgrade
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DTS - Delta Transportation System
Delta Distribution


Delta DMD is a company that specializes in distributing consumer goods. Within the teritorry of the Republic of Serbia, the company has distribution centers in Novi Sad, Čačak, and Niš, with the headquarters located in Belgrade.

In Montenegro, the company is engaged in the same business, and the company DMD Delta's headquarters are in Podgorica.

Delta DMD's portfolio includes regional brands such as Tikveš and Violeta, as well as brands from globally renowned companies such as Ferrero, Diageo, SC Johnson, Beiersdorf, and Haleon. In Montenegro, the portfolio also includes British American Tobacco.

These brands achieve exceptional sales results in the Serbian and Montenegrin markets due to the company's collaboration with over 2,500 customers and the supply of over 10,000 facilities.

Delta DMD enhances its distribution efficiency by introducing the latest information technologies.

The expected turnover for 2023 is 122 million Euros.


Delta Transportation System

Delta Transport System (DTS), a company that specializes in providing logistics services in Serbia, operates within Delta Distribution as well. DTS provides logistics services in the countries of the region, such as Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Since its establishment in 2008, DTS has been improving its business to raise the quality of logistics services through constant innovation, as well as to respect the principle that every client has the right to a special business model.

DTS offers not only transportation but an entire range of logistics services integrated into the client's everyday business.

The expected turnover for 2023 is 101 million Euros.


Delta Auto Group is consisted of Delta Automoto and Delta Motors.

These companies operate in the field of import and distribution of world-famous brands of cars and motorcycles. 

Delta Automoto operates with brands HONDA i KTM, including Delta Used Cars, Delta Rent Services and Delta Auto Service.

Delta Motors operates with brands of the BMW Group: BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad, including the BMW Premium Selection program.

The companies are developing auto-moto centers where sales showrooms with new vehicles, service workshops and spare parts shops are placed together, offering also rent-a-car services as well as certified used vehicles.

The expected turnover for 2023 is 119,8 million Euros.