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Delta Agrar Corporate Film
Delta Agrar Group

Agro Business

The company Delta Agrar employs 1,500 workers with presence on the markets of the countries in the region, the European Union, Russia and Switzerland.

Its diversified operations are divided in four main organizational segments: primary production, cooperation and repurchase, agro-trade and distribution and food processing.

In primary production Delta Agrar is active in farming, production of fruit and vegetables and cattle. Production takes place in seven agricultural estates owned by Delta Agrar, comprising 10,000 hectares.

In agro stock exchange and cooperation sector and buy-up company is active in the buy-up of fruit and vegetables, meat and cattle, retail thus providing long term agreed farming production of fruit and vegetable cultures with primary producers in more than 5 buy-up centers.

In the field of agro distribution Delta Agrar has been distributing pesticides, seeds and agro-mechanization in cooperation with leading international producers. Company trades in grain, oil based products and mineral fertilizers.

Delta Agrar partners are leading international companies in all areas of agro-business: Syngenta, Corteva, Bayer CropScience, BASF, Nufarm, Biesterfeld, DanBred, Landini, Amazone, Kuhn, Summit Agro International and others.

The expected turnover for 2023 is 356.3 million Euros.

Company Delta Food Moscow was founded in 2009, and it is active in the placement of Serbian products, primarily fruit, then flour, pasta, meat and processed meat products, in all leading retail chains in the Russian Federation and Belarus.